CJ Photography is a professional photography service offering a variety of shoot choices on location and in your own home.

Our work is focused on weddings, events, portraits and more so we are virtually available to work for anyone anywhere.

Although we are a professional service at times we may offer TFP shoots meaning that little or no money exchanges hands but instead the price of the work undertaken is the time taken by the professionals (us and you) in return for padding out one anothers portfolios hence the term Time For Print.

It is important to remember that TFP shoots are not second class work but a way to practice our trade. When conducting work of this nature models are required to sign a formal contract which can be obtained by contacting us for further information.

For event photography pricing or copies of images from an event you have attended please get in contact by our Facebook page or text us on 07577292476.

BULS 10 Year Anniversary

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Wales Air Show 2015

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Weston Air Show 2015

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